FBI Investigates Malicious Activity on Its Own Network

FBI investigates malicious activity
Written by Carina Wilson

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said it was investigating some mysterious malicious activity on its own network. Law enforcement officials say they have discovered a “separate incident” and are now studying its scope and impact.

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A potential FBI network hack in February 2023 was reported by CNN, citing its own sources. According to journalists, the incident is related to the hacking of the computer systems of the FBI regional office in New York, where they were investigating cases of sexual exploitation of children.

FBI representatives have already confirmed to the media that they are investigating some incident in the Bureau’s network.

The FBI is aware of this incident and is working to obtain additional information. This is an isolated case that has been localized. Since the investigation has not been completed, the FBI has no further comment yet.the police said in a statement.

If the fact of the attack is confirmed, this will not be the first time the FBI and related structures have been compromised. For example, at the end of 2022, hackers announced the compromise of the FBI’s InfraGard outreach program, which has more than 80,000 participants. InfraGard is designed to disseminate confidential information about national security and cybersecurity threats to officials and private sector representatives who manage US critical infrastructure.

In another case, in 2021, attackers managed to hack the FBI mail servers, from where fake messages about cyber attacks and data theft were eventually sent out. The FBI’s fake warning letters reached at least 100,000 recipients, according to official figures. But according to SpamHaus, a spam-tracking organization, that’s a very “conservative estimate” and the actual casualties of this campaign were much higher.

However, CNN journalists believe that there are reasons for serious concerns.

That episode raised concerns that an outsider could capitalize on the FBI’s prominent role in warning the public about hacking incidents to send organizations into a scramble to address a phantom hacking threat.CNN writes.

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