HealthySoftware 的健康應用程序 — 刪除廣告軟件


用戶設備上的惡意軟件會導致難以告別的問題. This article is about how Healthy Adware can harm you and your PC. We will explain to you where this infection comes from and why it is better to remove Healthy Adware as soon as possible.

What is a Healthy App?

所以, let’s start with the fact that Healthy App is a malicious program. Its purpose is to distribute a large number of advertisements. This infection is being spread under the guise of a legitimate health food campaign and is filling your browser with pages full of ads. To look more legit, it opens an MSN Lifestyle page in your web browser. Another malicious action of this program is filling the Task Scheduler with malevolent actions. In particular, it opens the web browser window through that approach, showing you the aforementioned ads.

MSN Lifestyle Healthy Adware

The MSN Lifestyle page that is opened by Healthy Adware

The feature of this application is the connection of unknown IP addresses. Since these addresses have no information about where they belong to, user data can be leaked through them. The Healthy App also manages to reduce the system protection level by modifying several registry entries. All these characteristics make us understand that this application is malicious, as it imposes annoying advertising on the user and does actions in the system without the owner’s knowledge.

Is Healthy Adware dangerous?

At first glance, Healthy Adware seems to be something harmless and just annoying. But if we consider the characteristics from above, it becomes clear that this thing is not so innocuous. Banners and pop-up windows are also not always a source of harmless information; there could be malicious content. Users click on this and receive malware or get involved in a scam. Following all of the above, you need to correctly respond to the signs of the appearance of the Healthy App to protect yourself from unnecessary threats. VirusTotal puts the last dot on the Healthy image, showing the opinion of worldwide-known cybersecurity firms.

Healthy App detection VirusTotal

The opinion of antimalware vendors on Healthy App. 27 detections say a lot about its nature

How did I get this virus?

Few people know where any infection comes from on the device because today, there are more than enough sources of spraying for these pests. We will not disassemble the specific tactics of hackers but note that all their tactics work because users have no clue about cybersecurity. The point is that users contribute to all of this by accidental clicks on malicious content. After that, the malware gets downloaded. Once installed, it captures the user’s confidential data and generally does whatever it wants.

Install browser plugin scam

Fake plugin installation is one of the Healthy Adware distribution ways

Hacked software can also be a source of contagion. For example, if a user downloads an app through the torrent tracker or uses software cracks in any form, it can get a gift of a malicious application. And adware like Healthy is a lesser evil of the ones that may happen.

How to remove the Healthy App from my PC?

Apps such as the Healthy App are easy to uninstall, even manually. But this does not mean that you will be able to get back all the original functions of the system, which changed in the course of malware activity. Hence you can lose something irrevocably or suffer from damaged system elements.

But do not despairthere is a way out. You can use Loaris Trojan Remover, which will clear your device of adware without any losses. Moreover, this protection is designed to detect the alleged infection and prevent it from entering the system. This app will not interfere with you; it is updated almost every hour and has no vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Scan for Healthy Adware with Loaris Trojan Remover

1. 單擊 “下載” 按鈕繼續下載 Loaris Trojan Remover.

建議在購買完整版軟件之前運行掃描,以確保可以通過以下方式檢測到當前版本的惡意軟件 木馬清除器. 點擊相應鏈接即可查看 許可協議, 隱私政策.

2. 點擊 “安裝” 開始.

Loaris 木馬清除程序安裝

有 4 建議的掃描類型:

  • 標準掃描.
  • 全盤掃描.
  • 自定義掃描.
  • 可移動掃描件.


3. 安裝完成後, 單擊 '掃描' 標籤. 點擊 “全面掃描”.

Loaris Trojan Remover 全面掃描

4. 掃描開始後, Loaris 將啟動對您的設備的全面分析,並可能很快識別出當前降低系統性能的特定威脅. 請務必等到掃描完成,讓軟件全面評估您工作站的安全性.

Loaris 木馬清除器 - 掃描正在進行中

5. Loaris Trojan Remover 完成掃描您的電腦以查找相關威脅的任何文件並找到它們後, 您可以嘗試通過單擊來自動永久刪除它們 '申請' 按鈕. 可以選擇將文件移至隔離區, 忽略或刪除它們.

Loaris 木馬清除器 - 顯示病毒

如果任何威脅已被刪除, 強烈建議 重新啟動你的電腦.




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