Ремонт вікон 10 Пошук не працює

вікна 10 пошук не працює
вікна 10 пошук не працює
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Пошук Windows не працює або недоступний: A problem that can be simply resolved

An increasing number of customers speak about the Windows search not functioning properly. The search in Start Menu is a thing that all Windows 7/8/10/11 customers apply while completing daily tasks on their devices. An unexpected failure of this beneficial instrument can be a headache. You can no longer locate apps, files, or even more essential utilities as part of your daily routine. Тим не менш, the trouble can be repaired quickly, and there is no requirement to apply costly apps. The tutorial rendered in the remainder of the article also has a 2020 Update for problematic Bing search upon Windows update.

If Windows Start Menu Search gives no results and comes up blank as you submit the query into the search field, then it is crucial to undertake the measures immediately. Even though, in some instances, rebooting the PC might resolve the issue, the trouble can be more complex in the system or be associated with Windows Updates from Microsoft, for instance, interconnection with the Bing search in 2022. By the way, search issues are as typical as Windows sound issues, hence, there is no reason to be worried about.

To activate the search in Windows 10, you should inspect several services and parameters on your PC. We have elaborated a step-by-step tutorial on how to repair Windows 10 Search not working. The solutions you can try are set forth below.

Methods to Repair Windows Search Not Working

Pro Recommendation. Apply an award-winning Windows security & maintenance suite to boost your computer’s functionality. Delete threats, increase speed, and repair other PC troubles in a twinkle of an eye.

Рішення 1. Repair Windows search that displays empty results (2020 Update)

Starting from February 5th, many Windows 10 customers worldwide revealed that the Windows search displays empty results after submitting a search query. This issue resulted from a Bing interconnection with Windows search functionality, resulting in certain bugs. There is nothing you can do to cause the Bing service to function properly as the trouble rests on Microsoft’s part. Тим не менш, you can deactivate it and keep applying the Windows search solely. The simplest solution to do it is to modify the Registry yourself. We do not suggest downloading pre-designed mechanisms as your antivirus software can discover these as malicious.

Ways to Deactivate Bing Search interconnection

  1. удар вікна ключ + Р on your keyboard simultaneously. This starts the бігти підказка.
  2. в бігти підказка, вказати regedit і вдарити в порядку.
  3. У цей момент, you’re going to encounter Контроль облікових записів користувачів window on your device, which indicates whether you would like to allow the app to make amendments on your system. Answer Так.
  4. У цей момент, apply the left navigation pane to start folders in the following sequence:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search. В якості альтернативи, you could simply copy and paste this text into the navigation bar in Windows Registry.
  5. У цей момент, right-click на Пошук folder, і вибирайте новий > DWORD (32-bit) Value. (малюнок)
  6. Потім, name the created DWORD Value as BingSearchEnabled.
  7. Double-click it to make sure it has a value of 0. In case you’re not technically savvy with these complex terms, 0 stands for negative (false) і 1 stands for positive (true) value in IT. З цієї причини, the BingSearchEnabled with value 0 signifies it is in fact disabled. (малюнок)
  8. Потім, in the same Search folder, locate a key titled CortanaConsent. Double-click it and amend its value to 0. Натисніть в порядку for confirmation. (малюнок)
  9. Close the Registry and reboot your PC for all the amendments. Your Windows search must be back to the common mode and no longer provide empty results.
RECOMMENDATION. Sooner or later Microsoft will come up with a repair solution for the Windows Search blank results trouble. Once it becomes accessible, you can remove the EnableBingSearch key and amend the CortanaConsent key value to 1 again.

Рішення 1. Reboot Search services with the help of a Task Manager

One of the simplest solutions to activate search in Windows is to reload Search and Cortana services with the help of a Windows Task Manager.

  1. Launch Windows Task Manager by hitting the Ctrl+Альт+Del. If asked, click on Диспетчер задач. Потім, перейти до Details вкладка.
  2. Потім, locate SearchUI.exe process. Right-click on it and choose the option Завершити завдання. This will automatically reboot the Search and Cortana app. Inspect whether the issue was resolved by submitting some query into the Start Menu Search. (малюнок)

Terminating SearchUI.exe reboots Windows search, which repairs Windows search not functioning trouble.

Рішення 2. Reboot Windows search service

You can reboot the Windows search service using the Services panel.

  1. Почніть бігти prompt by hitting the Ключ Windows + Р. Вкажіть services.msc and press Введіть.
  2. Locate a process named Windows Search. Right-click on it and select Перезапустіть. Attempt to use the search afterward.
  3. Optional. Once you right-click on the process, you may also proceed to Властивості and amend the Startup type to Automatic. Make sure you click on Застосувати і в порядку after fulfilling such amendments. (малюнок)

Reboot the Windows Search service to repair the issue.

Рішення 3. Reboot Windows Explorer and Cortana

If the previous solutions didn’t resolve the trouble with Windows search, you might try to reload Windows Explorer and Cortana.

  1. Start Windows Task Manager by hitting the Ctrl + Альт + Del і вибирайте Диспетчер задач. Or you may just click Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. в процеси вкладка, locate one named Windows Explorer. Right-click it to start quick menu and choose Перезапустіть. Then locate a process named Cortana and perform similar actions with it. Inspect whether the Windows search not working error is now repaired. (малюнок)

Rebooting Windows Explorer can help to repair the “Start Search Windows 10 not working” issue.

Рішення 4. Refer to the Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter can assist you in restoring the indexing services. Крім того, troubleshooters are helpful because they do the complex work for you – you simply have to launch them and wait for guidelines.

  1. Because you cannot apply the Windows search and the results’ area is still blank while you specify some query, you will have to start Control Panel using the Run prompt. удар Ключ Windows + Р, вказати control panel and press Введіть.
  2. Приступити до Troubleshooting > System and Security. Потім, click Troubleshoot common computer problems. New window will come up. У цей момент, locate Search and Indexing option and click it, afterwards hit Run the Troubleshooter кнопку.
  3. The troubleshooter must itself suggest starting it as Administrator while the procedure is taking place. Be sure to do so.
  4. Apply the recommended repairs.
  5. Inspect whether the “search bar doesn’t work Windows 10” issue remains. (малюнок)

Пошук, and Indexing Troubleshooter can be beneficial to reload the Windows search process.

Рішення 5. Set the volume of the paging file

  1. удар Ключ Windows + Р on your keyboard. Вкажіть sysdm.cpl і вдарити Введіть.
  2. Приступити до Advanced вкладка, afterwards click on Settings… in the Performance area. Inspect for Virtual memory area and click on Change… button in it.
  3. Place a tick in the checkbox that indicates Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  4. Виберіть Custom size and provide 16 for Initial value and 2000 for the Maximum value. удар в порядку for confirmation. (малюнок)

Amend the paging file value using the System Properties.

Рішення 6. Inspect Indexing Options

Yet another solution to repair Windows 10 search, not working troubles, is to amend the Indexing Options.

  1. Hit two buttons simultaneously: Ключ Windows + Р. Потім, вказати control panel and press Введіть.
  2. In Control Panel, вказати View by to Large icons. Then search for Indexing Options and start it.
  3. Натисніть на Advanced і потім Rebuild в Troubleshooting. Натисніть в порядку for confirmation. You can also get Windows search troubleshooter at this point if you would like to try it. (малюнок)

Rebuild the Windows index to repair the search, not working troubles.

Рішення 7. Refer to the help of the Powershell commands

You may attempt launching several commands by means of the Powershell to resolve the trouble. Simply copy and paste them.

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar. Виберіть Windows Powershell (Admin). Виберіть Так in UAC window.
  2. Submit the given line and hit Введіть: PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  3. Далі, copy and paste the second command and hit Введіть:
    $manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + ‘\AppxManifest.xml’ ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest
  4. Reboot your PC and inspect whether the issue was fixed. (малюнок)

You may try to repair search not working issues in Windows via Powershell.

Рішення 8. Launch CTFMON process

Ctfmon.exe stands for a process that is responsible for Windows Alternative User Input and and Office language bar. Launching this process might resolve the search issue in Windows, so be sure to try it:

  1. удар вікна + Р to open бігти.
  2. Paste the stated line into it and hit в порядку:
    C:\Windows\System32\ctfmon.exe (малюнок)

Activating the Ctfmon.exe process may resolve the issue.

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