Microsoft는 문제가 있는 Windows를 계속 출시합니다. 10 잇달아 업데이트

Microsoft released another cumulative update, KB4524147, for the Windows 10 operating system on October 3 to resolve printing problems caused by the previous update.

하지만, as you probably guessed, this update did not work as planned. 마이크로소프트, apparently, continues to release problematic Windows 10 잇달아 업데이트.

At a recent presentation of the first Surface smartphone with two screens on Android and other interesting new products, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Windows is no longer the most important area for Microsoft.

“One gets the impression that Microsoft during the reorganization mainly “recouped” on a team of QA-testers, dismissing most of them. There have been too many problems and flaws in Windows 10 updates recently. At this point we’re starting to wonder if Microsoft is pranking Windows 10 사용자? ”, – write reporters TomsHardware.

On September 26, a cumulative update was released under the number KB4517211, designed to fix muffled sound in games and other problems. 하지만, after installing it, many users encountered problems in the operation of printers, especially with HP models.

On October 3, Microsoft released a new cumulative update number KB4524147, which was supposed to, among other things, to solve the printing problems created by the previous update. 그럼에도 불구하고, as most have already guessed, this update turned out to be a new headache for users. Reportedly, after installing KB4524147, some users broke down the Start menu. More specifically, with each attempt to open the Start, a critical error message pops up.

동시에, some complained about the impossibility of installing the update, while others wrote that printing problems persisted even after installing the update.

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The official support forum also has reports of other errors related to KB4517211. In particular, users complained about problems with Windows Desktop Search and VMWare Workstation. 따라서, simply avoiding the latest cumulative updates is no longer enough; now a couple of the previous ones may contain all kinds of uncorrected problems.

The most interesting thing is that the corresponding update page KB4524147 on the support site 말한다 that Microsoft does not know about any problems with this update.

On October 8, Microsoft released the next major Windows 10 업데이트, which included, among other things, algorithms for more efficient use of the processing power of multi-core processors. Just taking into account the latest news, you can’t be sure that this update will not cause any new problems.

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