What does AIGPUSniffer stand for? (Simple Definition)

Definition of AIGPUSniffer

AIGPUSniffer stands for a safe auxiliary process which is an integral component of Adobe applications. It is elaborated to avoid GPU-associated software crashes by testing PC’s graphics processing unit (GPU) functionality and eliminating misaddressed driver calls. The process starts together with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or other popular utilities and this is when the people notice its icon in the taskbar on Mac OS like Catalina, or on Windows PCs. ところで, many people face AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error, which can take place considering the variety of reasons.

so everytime i try to open an .ai file from bridge i get „AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly“. – 書きます Twitter user @florianrieder.

Certain people are concerned about AIGPUSniffer occurrence in the dock. The icon flashes for a short period of time, which often makes people think it can be a sign of certain suspicious behavior. さらに, getting rid of it often looks like a remedy to certain categories of people. しかし, it’s not the right solution.

This process is 100% genuine and trouble-free. You should not remove AIGPUSniffer.exe or try to shut it down. All that it performs is check if everything is fine to run your selected Adobe product and make sure that it functions in a proper way.


File Summary Report

Filename AIGPUSniffer.exe
Filetype Executive File
Aim Avoids GPU crashes when starting Adobe applications
安全 Benign and decent file
Revealed errors AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly problem

Known troubles associated with AIGPUSniffer

It may periodically quit unexpectedly

Initiallyi, the process helps to prevent Adobe applications from crashing, それにもかかわらず, based on many complaints on certain web forums, it is obvious that the process may crashe quite often. This prevents people from using their applications, which definitely makes them nervous. It has been established that the majority of users running into AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly issue are using or have just updated to Mac OS Catalina.

AIGPUSniffer - Problem Report

It occurs in Mac dock and can’t be closed

If you would like to know why this process doesn’t disappear on Mac, it is so because your Mac OS is elaborated to display recently used programs. All that you should do to delete AIGPUSniffer from dock is:

  1. に行く システム環境設定 > Dock on you Mac.
  2. この時点で, uncheck the Show recent applications in dock box.What does AIGPUSniffer stand for - Mac OS Show recent applications in dock

One thing is for certain – now that you are familiar with what AIGPUSniffer stands for, it is obvious that you should not delete it from Mac or Windows as it is a benign process that does not reporesent any threat to your device.

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