During the process of Windows 10 (változat 1903) installation, occurs an error: what should I do?

Windows rendszerben 10 (változat 1903) detected an error affecting the installation process of the operating system.

According to Microsoft, after the installation is complete or after resetting the device, a “Try again” error message appears.

“After successfully completing the Out-of-box Experience (OOBE) to configure a Windows device or after resetting the device when opening the desktop, may appear a blue screen with black bars at the top and bottom. There also may be an error message sayingSomething went wrong but you can try again using the Try Again button”, — Microsoft mondott.

The problem affects devices connecting to the Internet for the first time, or devices on which new Windows installations were not connected to the Network during OOBE.

OOBE displays the Windows installation process and consists of a series of successive screens that ask the user for an OS license agreement, offer to connect to the Internet, log in or register a Microsoft account, etc.

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In the OOBE process, the user is prompted to connect to the Internet, but this is not a required option. If the user initially rejected it, while trying to connect to the Network after installing Windows 10 (változat 1903) may occur the above error.

A fix for the problem will be released with the following updates, and in the meantime, Microsoft has proposed a workaround for the error.

Users who have open work that they do not want to lose should follow the following steps:

  • Simultaneously press on the keyboard Ctrl+Shift+F10;
  • Open the “Feladatkezelő” by simultaneously pressing the keyboard Ctrl+Shift+Esc, and if the “Feladatkezelő” does not open, repeat step 1;
  • If the “Details” table does not open, click on “Details” in the lower left corner;
  • Select the “Details” table;
  • Find the wwahost.exe process, right-click on it or use the deep button to open the menu and select “End Task”.

In other cases, just restart the Windows device:

  • Simultaneously press on the keyboard Ctrl+Alt+Delete;
  • In the lower right corner, válaszd ki a “Erő” gomb;
  • Click on “Restart”.

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