Trojan Killer Portable Review (2022)

I never thought my PC would need any alternative security solution. I believe my current protection plan with McAfee could provide me with the necessary defense. So, when my Toshiba laptop got seriously messed up, searching for a remedy to fix it was challenging. Googling to answer my problems revealed tons of unfamiliar programs recommended by their authors. Selecting Trojan Killer Portable was a random choice since I thought there was some severe trojan horse in my device.

I live in eastern Kentucky and own an Internet shop selling various gadgets I import from abroad. Thus, I use my Windows computer frequently since ordering new items and importing them to my local area is integral to my business. I always thought McAfee protection for years was sufficient until my PC got seriously infected recently.

I can’t remember when it happened, but I visited one website where the prices were more competitive some days ago. I was in the process of browsing through its pages when suddenly, I had a pop-up window saying that I needed to confirm my age. I thought it was some vital requirement, so I clicked on the “Allow” button as requested. At first, nothing extraordinary happened. However, the next day I noticed an absolute mess happening with my PC, for example:

  • random advertisements popping up in my screen regularly;
  • new browser tabs revealing the content I did not ask for;
  • my PC working extremely slow, barely responding to my commands;
  • periodical system crashes resulting in complete PC freezing.

Well, there were probably some other adverse side effects too. I do not remember all the details. At first, I was very busy with my daily routine and work and tolerated the problems with my PC. However, later on, I could not use my computer anymore. Sometimes the browser would open its new tab windows and forward me to very annoying and often highly explicit content, which I would never want my kids to look at. As I said, my device had McAfee already. However, there was no special warning about any virus, trojan, or malware. I googled the problem and found several automated solutions to my issue. Based on my friend’s recommendation on Facebook, I decided to try Trojan Killer Portable by GridinSoft.

If you would like to evaluate the functionality of Trojan Killer Portable and investigate the safety of your device, download  the program by clicking on the button below:

Trojan Killer peculiarity lets you install itself into the removable drive or as a standalone to the main computer. Later on, I found out that installing the program into the removable drives is exceptionally useful when you have problems connecting to the Internet via your infected PC, so this option seems to be very useful:

Trojan Killer setup introduction

I must admit that downloading the program was not a problem, even though my PC acted weirdly, as I explained above. However, the very downloading time indeed lasted much longer than I expected. It took about 3 minutes, probably because of the problems above. Finally, the program was downloaded and installed successfully:

Trojan Killer setup completed

Trojan Killer Portable checked whether any updates were available, which is probably quite common for many similar products. So, before I could launch the scanning, I had to wait for a while until all the updates were properly installed. Again, this lasted much longer than I expected, probably because my PC messed up some virus. The following scan types are available:

Trojan Killer scan types

  • Standard scan
  • Full scan
  • USB disks
  • Custom scan

Even though I initially thought that my system needed a full scan, I decided to try a “Standard Scan” to understand the shape of my infected PC. Quite soon after the scanning was started, 12 detected items were found:

Trojan Killer scanning process

Finally, at the end of the scan, the report indicated 17 detected items marked with red. At first glance, it looks like the number of 17 threats is not a big deal. However, it is frustrating that even one single malware in the system can completely ruin its stable performance. For example, my Toshiba laptop is a brand new one. I got it a couple of months ago at my local Walmart store, and it has a fast processor, sufficient memory, and other features that help perform the most complex tasks. However, it looked like these 17 threats in my laptop were eating many system resources and making the device totally out of order. Clicking on the “Cure PC” button indicated that I needed a license to have those 17 threats removed:

Trojan Killer scan report

The price is $2.95 per month, which seems quite affordable. However, I wanted to try the program first, so I contacted their customer support and was given a short-term free trial key. I could delete all the infections and restore my device to the fully-functional mode with that in place. Even if you prefer to remove the threats manually, the program points to the location of all those infected items when you click on “Detected Items” and get the following list of threats:

List of detected items

To sum up, Trojan Killer made my day and the PC was completely cured and restored to the typical trouble-free performance. I no longer have those annoying pop-ups that used to distract me considerably. Right now, I use the licensed version of the program and perform regular scans of my system to make sure it remains clean. As a result, I have absolute confidence in recommending this software as a reliable and powerful tool to effectively clean the threats not identifiable by other well-known security products.

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